Five Bridges Completed

The opening of two new pedestrian bridges over Interstate 676 between 18th and 20th streets, plus the completion of work on the 20th Street/B.F. Parkway replacement bridge and the 21st Street bridge, marks the completion of five-of-seven bridges PennDOT is replacing under it’s $65 million project in Center City.  Work continues into 2018 on the 18th Street and 22nd Street overpasses. Read more

  • PennDOT investing millions
    in I-676 bridges in Center City

    PennDOT is investing almost $65 million in federal transportation funds for the replacement of seven structurally deficient bridges over Interstate 676 in Philadelphia to enhance travel and safety on I-676 and on surface streets adjacent to the interstate.

  • Parkway intersection improvements
    will benefit pedestrians

    Significant changes at the east end of Philly’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway, including pedestrian improvements to the sprawling intersection at 20th Street, will create a more pleasant walking experience for the millions of visitors who each year enjoy the Parkway’s many cultural and entertainment offerings.

  • Top side public space improvements
    a team effort

    PennDOT held or attended more than 80 meetings with representatives from the City and the Parkway's cultural and residential community during the project’s planning stage. This interaction helped shape the numerous public space improvements that will take place on the top side.