Statues and Monuments

Plan to Protect and Enhance Important Public Art

As part of the surface street  improvements included in the project to replace seven bridges over Interstate 676 in the area of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Center City Philadelphia, PennDOT will protect five Parkway monuments during construction and clean and refurbish the statues prior to completion of the project.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Monuments

12-14_CWStatue-4 12-14_CWStatue-1 12-14_CWStatue-3

Civil War Soldiers (l) and Sailors (r) Monuments straddling the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

The Shakespeare Memorial

11-17-15_I676-212-14_Shakes-1 12-14_Shakes-3

The Shakespeare Memorial at Shakespeare Park in Logan Square between the Philadelphia Free Library and Logan Circle

The Pennypacker Monument

5-1-15_676-112-14_Penny-3 12-14_Penny-1

The Pennypacker Monument in Logan Square between the Family Court Building and Logan Circle

The DeMiranda Statue

12-14_Mirand-1 12-14_Mirand-2

The DeMiranda Statue (r) on the Parkway between 20th and 21st Streets: The statue will be removed during construction and relocated to the new pedestrian plaza that will be built at Winter Street and the Parkway.


Below is a map of all of the Parkway’s statues and monuments. The Civil War Soldiers Monument and Civil War Sailors Monument (18), the DiMiranda statue (17), the Pennypacker Monument (9) and the Shakespeare Memorial (12) all will be enclosed in protective fences during construction and cleaned and refurbished as part of the project to reconstruct seven bridges over Interstate 676.