New Parkway Traffic Patterns

Changing Traffic Patterns on and Around the Parkway

Construction of improvements to the sprawling intersection of 20th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be completed in tandem with replacement of the expansive 20th Street Bridge over Interstate 676. As the bridge is replaced in three phases over several construction seasons, Parkway and 20th Street vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be maintained but rerouted through the intersection..

New Traffic Pattern on Parkway at 20th Street

A traffic pattern change with accompanying lane restrictions is in place on the  Parkway between 21st Street and 20th Street for demolition and reconstruction of the eastern one-third of the 20th Street bridge over the I-676.

I-676 Phase5 FINAL

The new construction traffic pattern reduces the Parkway to two lanes each way between 21st Street and Logan Circle.  The Parkway’s two eastbound inner lanes then merge with Winter Street approaching the 20th Street intersection, allowing three eastbound lanes to continue across 20th Street onto Logan Circle. In addition:

  • Westbound traffic will have two lanes coming from Logan Circle onto the Parkway at 20th Street.
  • Motorists will follow the temporary construction traffic pattern to return to the Parkway’s westbound inner lanes where a third lane returns at 21st Street.
  • The Parkway’s westbound outer lanes will remain open and unchanged.
  • Motorists traveling north on 20th Street will experience a slight shift in the travel lanes when driving through the intersection with the Parkway.

The speed limit on the Parkway through the temporary construction traffic pattern is 15 miles per hour.

The Parkway’s eastbound outer lanes remain closed at 21st Street. Motorists continue to be detoured over 21st Street and Winter Street.

The bridges carrying 20th Street/Parkway, 19th Street, and pedestrian walkways at the Free Library and former Family Court building are the first four of seven structures to be replaced under this project. PennDOT also will replace the deteriorating bridges carrying 22nd Street, 21st Street, and 18th Street.

The seven bridges over I-676 are being replaced in two major stages to minimize traffic impacts. The entire project is scheduled to finish in fall 2019.